Our aim is to increase our customers’ satisfaction – we strive to meet the customers’ expectations, continuously providing products which meet their requirements as well as being within the provisions of pertinent regulations.

Therefore, we cooperate with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Bureau Veritas. We are also certified under Achilles Joint Qualification System for customers in the oil industry in Norway and Denmark.

Our company introduced the quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard in January 2005; the subsequent re-certification and extension of the quality management system in February 2006. Gradually, we successfully passed further certifications which proved the conformity of the quality management system with the provisions of the standards:

These certificates have been centralized in IMS (integrated management system). All of these quality management systems are regularly verified and streamlined.

Within the modern ELFE production management, we also regard quality as elimination of faults ascertained, improvement of products as well as the workers’ motivation so that they attend to quality.

The company aims to create the IMS which enables continuous improvement, whereas we lay stress on the prevention of defects and reduction of variability and losses in the supply chain. We place emphasis on flexibility, speed of delivery and product quality. Among other things, we want to achieve that by project management, in relation to both the customer and the actual internal processes. Within the entire project execution time, maximum communication is maintained with the customer.

The company exclusively manufactures on the basis of drawing documentation supplied by the customer or approved by the customer. All checking activities, dimensional and NDT (VT, MT, PT, UT), as well as the actual 3D measurement on the optical camera device METRONOR DUO, are ensured by our own qualified supervisors in all production processes. Product identification and monitoring is obvious.


We aim to improve the preventive approach to the issues of environment protection, labour safety and health protection, and status analysis in conformity with the currently valid legislature – the ecology in ELFE conforms to the regulations in the field of environment protection.

One of our most important concerns is the QUALITY OF HUMAN RESOURCES! This starts from the management; all of the company’s employees must be qualified on the basis of a particular education, experience or training according to corresponding requirements.

The company management is responsible for a suitable working environment with a positive effect on the employees’ motivation, satisfaction and performance, with subsequent improvement in the company output:

  • We define clear competences and responsibilities of our employees
  • We provide space for individual thinking and decision-making
  • We create new opportunities for talented employees
  • We have an experienced team of trained workers (qualification improvement, training programs…)
  • We motivate our employees for the best performance
  • We work on the improvement of internal communication and social relations

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