Technological capabilities


SUPRAREX SXE 4500 with plasma bevelling unit VBA Global PRO and the SUPRAREX SXE 4500 machine with 2 oxy-acetylene torches, bed dimensions 3 x 22 m

Range of plasma cutting

  • normal cutting of 3-40 mm thickness, bevelling V, X, Y, K up to 30 mm

Range of oxy-acetylene cutting

  • thickness of 3-300 mm

Bending of sheets

  • press SAFAN CNC 48t, l=6000 mm


  • manual MIG/MAG (TIG), MCW/FCAW
  • 2x welding robots CLOOS: MIG/MAG, MCW/FCAW – rotation Ø 4000 mm, lenght up to 12m; positioner capacity 5t; 2 positioners

Machining shop

  • CNC horizontal boring machine WRF 130 CNC FERMAT, x=9200 mm, y=2900 mm, z=1600 mm
  • CNC horizontal boring machine FUE 125 – W/4 TOS Kuřim, x=3000 mm, y=2500 mm, z=1250 mm with movable rotating table 3000 x 3000 mm with turret function
  • CNC horizontal boring machine FBM 130 CNC FERMAT, x=9500 mm, y=2000 mm, z=800 mm
  • CNC horizontal boring machine WH 10 NC TOS Varnsdorf, x=1000 mm, y=900 mm, w=720 mm
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Surface treatment

  • high-pressure degreasing
  • blasting chamber – 16 m x 5.8 m x 4 m – manual operation
  • painting chamber – 16 m x 5.8 m x 4 m, airless spraying


  • crane 40 tons

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